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The Sydney Stereo Camera Club is fortunate to have many very knowledgeable members who are happy to share their techniques and experiences with the broader 3D community.

Some of these articles have previously appeared in the club bulletin.

Files of interest to members are stored in the club's Yahoo! group sscclub.

To join the group, you need to obtain a Yahoo! ID and submit a membership request for approval by the moderator

On joining, you will invited to join the sscclub web-based mailing list. Membership will allow you to download current and back issues of 3D Window, the club's bi-monthly bulletin.

Information Pack
Close-Up 3D with a Lumix 3D Lens

Ray Moxom
3D Window

Bulletin Number 247

July 2016
A History of VR in Austalia

Carlton Wright
3D Flyer

Carlton Wright