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Club Competitions 2018

DueProjected Subject
13 Feb20 Feb Open
13 Mar20 Mar Sunrise or Sunset
10 Apr17 Apr Open
8 May15 May Water
12 Jun19 Jun Interesting Buildings
10 Jul17 Jul Open
14 Aug21 Aug Still Life
11 Sep18 Sep Open
9 Oct16 Oct Audio Visual (to be judged by club members)
 20 Nov Image of the Year (to be judged by club members)

All Competitions in 2018 will be in 2×1920×1080 format.

Narrower images can be black-banded to fit the required format.

Images can be of any dimension or shape with black-bands or borders as long as the overall format is complied with.

Award winning images from earlier years cannot be entered in monthly Open and set subject competitions. Award winners from the October Audio Visual competition will NOT be included in the point score competition. However, a separate prize will be awarded for this competition.


Any subject.
Sunrise or Sunset
Images taken early morning or evening, taking advantage of the special lighting at these times.
Waterscape as the centre of interest.
Interesting Buildings
Internal or external images of a building, with an emphasis on lighting and shape.
Still Life
An arrangement of non-moving objects, where composition and lighting are all-important.
Audio Visual
Any subject matter is allowed—format 2×1920×1080—maximum time 5 minutes. The author's name is not to be included in any titles that you may use. Any music used is to be royalty free. The audio visual can be either a video or an exe file.
Image of the Year
Voted best of the year's competitions.
Official Competition Rules Official 1920×1080 Specification